Jordan Peterson, Christina Hoff Sommers, and Danielle Crittenden (The Femsplainers) | LIVE STREAM

The Jordan Peterson You Don’t Know: The globally bestselling author of “The 12 Rules for Life” reveals to Christina Hoff Sommers & Danielle Crittenden the secrets of his long marriage, why dating apps suck, how to handle a belligerent toddler, why his feminist critics are wrong, and more in this podcast recorded before a live audience at the American Enterprise Institute.

Sir Roger Scruton/Dr. Jordan B. Peterson: Apprehending the Transcendent

A conversation between Dr. Jordan Peterson and Sir Roger Scruton, moderated by Dr. Stephen Blackwood, introduced by Professor Douglas Hedley, presented by The Cambridge Centre for the Study of Platonism and Ralston College, held on Nov 2, 2018 in Cambridge, England.

“I think that’s what’s driving the demolition of the idea of presumption of innocence. For example we’ll start with presumption of guilt and prove to me that you’re innocent. I think the problem with that isn’t that there are no predatory men, because there are plenty of predatory men. The problem is is that the courageous way to deal with the problem of the predator is to offer a hand in courageous trust, and to invite forward a partner from the monster. That’s the mythological manner in which this is supposed to be undertaken. A courageous part of the woman’s journey is to face the monstrosity of a man and to invite out of that something more noble to emerge. There’s courage in that, and genuine risk. I think that that’s foregone in the accusation process. The other element of that seems to me to be, that if you are a predator and you’re irredeemable in your predatory nature then the best thing to do is to render you harmless, and if we’re going to obscure the relationship between competence and power and assume that all of your striving upward is merely a manifestation of power, then what we’ll do is weaken you as much as possible so that harmlessness can replace virtue.” – JBP

Martin Weill face à Jordan Peterson, l’intellectuel aux théories masculinistes

Edited excerpt of the interview.

Martin Weill a rencontré le phénomène intellectuel du moment aux États-Unis et au Canada : le professeur de psychologie Jordan Peterson. Passé par Harvard, il enseigne aujourd’hui à l’université de Toronto. Emballage chic pour un discours choc : des positions ultra conservatrices et polémiques. Inconnu du grand public il y a encore deux ans, il est devenu la caution intello de l’alt right, l’ultra droite américaine. Fervent défenseur d’un nouvel ordre patriarcal, Peterson tape sur à peu près tout : le politiquement correct, les féministes, le mouvement #MeToo… Voici la version longue de l’interview que vous avez pu voir dans « Martin Weill et les nouveaux gourous