Our Cultural Inflection Point and Higher Education: Jordan Peterson and Stephen Blackwood

A conversation with Dr Stephen Blackwood about Solzhenitsyn, our cultural inflection point, higher education, and the hunger of the young for meaning. Dr Stephen Blackwood is the president of Ralston College, a new university being founded in Savannah, Georgia. Ralston College is committed to an educational vision that enables students to lead lives of self-knowledge, freedom, and substance.

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson | 12 Rules For Life – Melbourne, 13 February 2019 [AUDIO]

“I learned because I looked at dark things, that the light was more powerful than the darkness as far as I was concerned, and that people are capable, each of us, of remarkable things. We need to know that that’s what we are! We are this consciousness that confronts potential in all its catastrophe! That’s what we are, that’s what makes us in the image of God! That’s what gives us our intrinsic value. The idea that we have intrinsic value, that’s the bedrock presupposition of our state.” – Jordan B. Peterson

Jordan Peterson Threatens Everything of Value In NZ

Auckland Peace Action, objecting to [Dr. Peterson’s] slated arrival in New Zealand in a couple of days… produced a “press release” claiming that “Jordan Peterson Threatens Everything of Value in Our Society.” Journalist Sean Plunket of New Zealand’s Magic Talk (http://bit.ly/2SSWHyb), interviewed the writer/spokesperson for the Auckland Peace Action group, Iris Krzyzosiak .

Leaders: Myth & Reality: General Stanley McChrystal

Jordan Peterson interviews General Stanley McChrystal, retired four-star general, former Commander of the International Security Assistance Force and Commander, US Forces, Afghanistan. Since 2010. General McChrystal has taught courses in international relations at Yale University as a Senior Fellow of the University’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs.