Steven Pinker: Progress, Despite Everything

Jordan Peterson and Steven Pinker discuss the unpopularity of pointing out what’s going right.

Dr. Steven Pinker is the Johnstone Family Professor in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University, and has taught, additionally, at he has also taught at Stanford and MIT. He’s an experimental psychologist who conducts research in visual cognition, psycholinguistics, and social relations.

Bishop Barron: Word on Fire

Bishop Barron is the second most-followed Catholic leader in the world on social media, behind only the Pope. He has been invited to speak about religion at the headquarters of Facebook, Google, and Amazon. His latest book is titled “Arguing Religion: A Bishop Speaks at Facebook and Google,” which debuted as a #1 Amazon bestseller in both the Catholicism and Atheism categories.

Who Dares Say He Believes in God?

” I have been asked many times by many people if I believe in God. I don’t like this question. I generally respond by stating that I act as if God exists, but that’s not sufficiently true. Who could do that? Who could conduct themselves with the moral exactitude and care necessary of someone who would dare to make that claim? Either claim? In any case, after being asked the question yet again, when I was in Australia, I decided to attempt to answer it in some detail. ” — Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson Speech at the 2019 PragerU Summit

Jordan Peterson speech at the 2019 PragerU Summit. In this speech he condenses his primary message of rejecting cynicism and corruption. In doing so each of us takes on ourselves the responsibility of making things better in the face of the tragedy of life. Each of us is made in the image of God, and in us is a spark of the Divine, which when acted upon brings a depth meaning that transcends even suffering and death.