April 2019 Q and A

00:00:09 – Traveling a lot in May, next Q&A in June, but really liking the Q&A, getting better at doing Q&A on the road
00:00:38 – Details of debate with Slavoj Zizek 2019 April 19: debate livestream, online access later
00:01:47 – Season 2 of Jordan B. Peterson Podcast, details, General Stanley McChrystal, Westwood One partnership
00:03:38 – UK in May: 12 Rules for Life release in paperback with Penguin Paperbacks
00:06:04 – Self-authoring program, detailed benefits, including Future Authoring; Understand Myself, plus coupon MAY
00:11:50 – Interviews with Dr. Oz in New York, 10-15 minute video clips coming soon!
00:13:58 – Further thoughts on debate with Slavoj Zizek, have re-read Communist Manifesto, studying, preparing for tomorrow/2019 April 19 Q&A
00:14:54 – 1 – If you had been allotted the opportunity, what would you have discussed with Nietzsche?
00:28:18 – 2 – I live in constant worry my children are going to be hit by a car, kidnapped, murdered, beaten up. It’s a torture. How can I stop?
00:40:38 – 3 – News of real atrocities committed by humans esp. torture leave me physically shell-shocked and paralyzed as if I had PTSD. Is there something wrong with me?
00:45:48 – 4 – Dr. Peterson, I recently found out that my father was a former Khmer Rouge. I feel hurt that he is was part of the horror in Cambodia. How do I deal with this?
00:50:47 – 5 – The Greeks had the maxim, “know thyself”. How do we come to know ourselves in terms of our personalities and, more importantly, potential?
01:06:20 – 6 – How do you reconcile the fact that Nietzsche is often taken to be a precursor to Postmodern philosophers like Foucault? Do the PMs misuse Nietzsche?
01:18:54 – 7 – How have you prepared for your debate with Zizek? What are your goals for the conversation to be productive?
01:30:14 Conclusion, studying and preparation; Happiness: Capitalism vs Marxism, debate with Slavoj Zizek Live stream, April 19 2019, 7:30 PM EDT

A Conversation with Jordan Peterson

Clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson has given lectures all over the world—drawing massive audiences with a message that empowers and challenges them to find meaning in their lives through personal responsibility. He shared his wisdom with hundreds of Heritage Foundation supporters in New York City in this captivating conversation with Genevieve Wood.

Jamil Jivani: Author of “Why Young Men”

“Mr. Jamil Jivani is a Yale Law School graduate who rose out of the depths of a history of extreme academic underachievement to the pinnacles of educational success. He was born in Toronto, and attended Humber College, and York University, prior to enrolling at Yale, where he was Program Director of the Marshal-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Program and President of the Yale Black Law Students Association. In 2014-2015, he was an articling student at the major Toronto law firm Torys LLP. He has also worked diligently in Toronto to improve police-community relationships, and co-founded Teachers Beyond the Classroom, which seeks to help unemployed educators transfer their skills to new occupational opportunities across the Greater Toronto Area. Mr. Jivani is, in my opinion, a textbook case of a man who took responsibility. He came from a rough background, certainly one of comparative deprivation, and made far more of the opportunities that were still hidden there in some sense than might be reasonably expected of any man. ” – Jordan Peterson

March 2019 Q and A

March 2019 Q and A

00:30 update
05:00 what is your favorite soup?
06:10 when will you restart your Bible series?
10:33 how can I teach my children the biblical stories in a productive way without the dogma or literal interpretation of organized religion?
13:14 what question are you asked way too seldom?
31:10 don’t you find it interesting that people are coming to your lectures and are psychologically and philosophically inclined?
34:08 how to balance between keeping peace and speaking truth in an intimate relationship?
49:03 how can I transition to having fewer but better friends?
53:00 Disney and Marvel has taken a direction towards promoting SJW agendas, despite backlash. Thoughts?
55:30 what is the soul to you?
1:07:01 what are some practical ways to organize people interested in reinforcing western values and culture without attracting extremists?
1:13:53 how to find friends as a traditional woman?
1:24:39 how do I stop emotional eating?
1:28:10 what can we do to stop identity politics from the Silicon Valley?
1:31:15 I procrastinate, how do I avoid this?